Sunday, June 8, 2008

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Happy Birthday Perla!

On June 6, 1995 my little poodle girl was born. I can't believe that my doggy is 13 years old. In August I will have had her for 13 years. Where does time go? It's because of how great my time with her has been that I think everyone should have a pet. When you have a pet your heart is touched in ways you never thought it could be and it's always amazing to think about how attached you can be to a fuzzy creature that is completely dependent on you.

Thank you Perla for making life a little more interesting and a lot more fun!


amanda said...

Happy birthday Perla!

She's beautiful! I had poodles the whole time I was growing up and somehow I ended up with a pit bull mix. I miss my poodles. :(

bethanyjg said...

Happy Birthday Perla! :) A beautiful dog!

Monica said...

awww Happy belated birthday Perla. Monty sends you a huge hug a nice lick as a beshito ;)