Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Where Does Time Ago?

It's hard to believe that year has gone by so quickly. For the past few days I have been thinking about the nature of time and how we are all governed by it. Sometimes the days are eternal and other days fly by so quickly that you barely have any recollection of what happened. Other days are a combination of the slow and fast tempo of time. These "other" days are what I look forward to and long for. A perfect example of one of these "other" days is our wedding day.

Our wedding day was exactly one year ago from today. The days leading up to the wedding were eternal. I wanted to be a Mrs already and the anticipation of the white gown and the walk down the aisle to Alex was killing me. The days after the wedding were a blur. I know we went to Jamaica and sat on the beach and drank and looked at our newly ringed fingers, but that's all I can remember. However, the day of the wedding was something in it of itself. The day felt long and quick at the same time. At the end of the night I asked myself where the time went but during all the wedding events I felt like time had stopped for us. It was like being in a weird time warp. I remember every second, every smile, every kiss, every laugh of that day like it was yesterday. And yet, here we are 12 months, 366 days (did you forget Feb 29?!) later. Again, I ask, where does time go? If it's that time flies when you are having fun then I must agree with that reasoning. This past year has been nothing but amazing. I had always heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest and was paranoid that we would fall prey to this generalization, but we didn't. The first year for us was so good that we can only hope that the rest of our years together are as good as this past one has been. Not that we haven't fought or had our disagreements, but our first year was not marked by anything negative. Well maybe, if you count an increase in sugar intake as a result of my constant baking. Our first year of marriage has been marked by our growth as a couple and as individuals and I can only hope that we continue to grow together. And if tough times do come up and year two isn't as easy as year one, I will make sure that we remind ourselves of the love we have for each other and the fun we have with one another.


Linds said...

Awww what a great picture and congratulations on your anniversary! :)

Michelle H said...

Congratulations on the anniversary. You two look amazing. :o)