Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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Menu Crazy: Golden Temple

I love Chinese food. I think this is the type of food that I could never get sick of. The crazy thing about Chinese food is that I think the leftovers taste better than the initial serving. I had been wanting Chinese food for a few weeks now but was waiting for Alex to say he wanted Chinese food before I made the reservation. After 2.5 years here we finally found a great Chinese restaurant in the form of China Sky. We would have gone there this past weekend but with gas prices well over $4 and Alex already driving over 100 miles a day for this rotation, I thought it would be a better idea to stay local. And for staying local and eating Chinese food we headed over to Golden Temple. This restaurant is gorgeous....like "wow" gorgeous. It has these beautiful arches inside that really make it look like a temple. Their menu is extensive and it could probably take you 30 minutes to fully read through it all. There is definitely something for every type of eater at this restaurant.

I started off the evening by ordering a drink. Their drink menu was long and had so many creative things on it but my heart was won over as soon as I saw Watermelon Martini. This is by far the best watermelon martini I have ever had in my life (and I've had a few). I know a couple of watermelon martini fans and I promise to take each of you there to try this amazing drink if you can leave the warmth and beaches of South Florida for a few days.

We both ordered appetizers because our appetites were way to big to wait for the entrees. I order the potstickers that were gorgeous in color and delightful in taste. The chicken and vegetable filling was so compact that it didn't crumble the moment you cut open the noodle wrapping.

Alex's appetizer of choice was the egg rolls. While he both egg rolls he was a little disappointed by how filled each one of them was with vegetables. This lead to a discussion about the difference between egg rolls and spring rolls (for the curious ones out there, check here). If you like vegetables, however, this dish is definitely for you.

As we always do when we go to a Chinese restaurant we ordered three things as the entree. One is always a fried rice, the other two are always some kind of meat (usually chicken and beef). Of all the rices on their menu we ordered the Chicken Fried Rice. This rice was perfect for me but it lacked something for Alex. He tried adding more soy sauce but that didn't help. We both particularly liked this rice because they didn't overdue it with the vegetables. This was the only main dish that we finished off.

For the chicken we ordered the Cashew Chicken. This dish was just ok. It looked beautiful because of all the green and red peppers and the watercress, but we just couldn't seem to find the chicken! I know cashews can be expensive so I was expecting a lot of chicken and a little bit of cashew, but there were a ton of cashews in this dish. Another disappointment was the fact the menu said this dish was spicy and it was not.

For the beef dish we ordered the Crispy Orange Beef. This was a great dish (even better the next day) and was definitely crispy and had many undertones of orange citrus flavors. Of the two meat dishes this is the one I would order again.

We didn't order dessert because Alex got a craving for Ben & Jerry's. I know their dessert menu is just as extensive as their other menus. The main draw to this restaurant is the variety of their menu. You can definitely go back 10 times and order different things each time.


SpinachNPeace said...

yum on the watermelon martini:) i dont think i've ever had a bad one, but i'm still searching for the best one!

Stephanie said...

The day you are in Boston I will take you!