Monday, June 9, 2008

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Brookline Food Festival

This year was the first year for the Brookline Food Festival. It was held in conjunction with the Brookline Arts Festival and it was such a great combination. First you were able to look through amazing art and then you were able to sample foods from some of the local restaurants and stores. We only sampled items from 5 of the places because we had been to most of the other places that participated.

First up was the shrimp tacos from Lineage. These little suckers were so good. There was plenty of diced up shrimp in the tacos along with mango chunks. I have been wanting to go to Lineage for a while, so this just made them jump up on my restaurant list.

While I ate the tacos, Alex went over to the Trader Joe's stand and tried one of their pulled chicken sandwiches. He gobbled the thing up and was so impressed that something so good could come from Trader Joe's. (Note: we don't shop at Trader Joe's, so we have no idea what's good there).

Because we love sweets, we tried sweets from 3 different places. First up was the cannoli-nutella crepe from Paris Creperie. This thing was sinfully delicious.

Next, we had cupcakes from Party Favors. These are some of the best cupcakes I have had and they reminded me so much of Publix cakes. The cupcake was fluffy and had a perfectly sweet frosting.

The last sweet we had was a chocolate dessert from Finale. I think this was their flourless chocolate dessert and, while it was good, it was to rich for me.

The festival was a lot of fun and, since the food was so good, it made the sweat-drenched walk over to Brookline worth it.


Rhea said...

I don't often go to food festivals but the photos of the food are fabulous. I live in JP.

Jen said...

OMG I'm so bummed we were out of town last weekend (although Aruba isn't bad either!)

Beth said...

My wedding cake was from Party Favors...mmmmm.