Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Is it next week yet?

I am getting restless. Next week is such an exciting week for me and I want it to be here yesterday. It doesn't help that I am trying to lay off the baking so that I don't have to hear the words "are you going to work out abs with me?" come out Alex's mouth again. If I could bake at least I'd be distracted by checking the oven every 10 minutes and taking pictures of my creations. For the record, I really don't make that many sweets. There are usually two types of sweets in the house at any given time. It could be a lot worse! Like right now...all we have are cookies. But..I.Must.Resist.The.Urge. So in a futile attempt to resist getting my baking fix I am miserably staring at the clock hoping that through whatever mental capacities I have I can make it fast forward to next week. You see, three huge things are happening next week. First, I get to see Alicia Keys in concert. I adore the woman and sing her songs in the shower. Secondly, I have the pleasure of saying good-bye to my current job. Let's just say I am over the moon to have this chapter of my life come to an end (my spirit was broken and it needs to mend). Lastly and most importantly, I can finally get a tan! Now I hope I don't offend anyone but growing up in Miami has made me believe that there is only one true way to tan and that's by sitting out in the to a body of water. We are going on a Caribbean cruise and then spending some time in Miami with our families. I cannot wait to tan, eat real Spanish food, hear people speak Spanish, go to Publix, enjoy the sun, have central a/c, see my family, and enjoy my friends.

Oh, and what's a trip to the tropics without a drink or two (or ten) of these?


Ivy said...

Have a wonderful time.
Bring us back a recipe.;)

Monica said...

HURRY UP, Miami misses you...A LOT!