Monday, June 9, 2008

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Brookline Arts Festival

I love going to arts festivals. The ones in Boston are a lot smaller compared to what I am used to seeing in Miami. Even though they are smaller, there is still a good amount of creativity and talent being showcased. One lucky person (David Stern) even tempted us into buying something. He had the most beautiful photography and we bought a photograph of Key West so that we can have something hanging in our apartment that reminded us of home. We also put down a deposit for this tile thing where your photograph is put on a ceramic tile. I was in love with this idea because I love art pieces that are unique and personal. We have no idea where this will go and I was able to narrow it down to three pictures. Which one do you like best?

All pictures courtesy of Simply Captivating






bethanyjg said...

I love the first one, but I also love the colors in the 3rd one!

Monica said...

The 3rd one I think would look AMAZING. I vote #3!!!!!!

Mrs.Shazadeh said...

I love #3, but I love how in #1 your faces are clearer.

Jackie said...

My vote is also for #3. Show us the end results when you get it!

SpinachNPeace said...

I like the first one best:)!

You better post pics of the finished product!

Meli said...


Jen said...

I like the first one best

albertandclaudia said...

i think the 1st one would be best for the tile!