Friday, June 27, 2008

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A Miami Feast: Bonefish Grill

Alex and I had been wanting to go to Bonefish Grill for what seems like forever. We first heard about this restaurant when we were undergrads and our then-supervisor raved about their bang bang shrimp. We never went when we lived in Miami because we had assumed that they were a pricey restaurant. So as the search continued for a nice restaurant to eat at for our anniversary we thought Bonefish Grill would be a great place to go to and celebrate. Once we got there we were so impressed with the look of the restaurant. It had a simple decor but it was so pretty and the lighting really highlighted all the brown hues of the different decorations. We were even more impressed when we saw the prices; most of their entrees were in the teens and no drink was over $8. Our impression of the restaurant only grew as they brought out each part of our meal. The servings were huge! And for the price of the dishes, it was a great value.

We started the dinner with some drinks. I ordered a lemon drop martini that was delicious. It was the freshest martini I had ever had. The lemon juice in it tasted like it was fresh squeezed. Alex had a Patron margarita that was just as good.

Although my introduction to Bonefish Grill was hearing the recommendation of their bang bang shrimp I couldn't resist ordering their coconut shrimp. I love coconut shrimp and order it each time I get a chance. This coconut shrimp did not disappoint; it was soooo ridiculously good.

Alex ordered the only appetizer that was not seafood since he doesn't like seafood. He was so happy with his choice of egg rolls and thought the sweet and spicy sauces the rolls came with were a perfect compliment to the dish.

For the main dish I ordered the tilapia with a lemon butter and whipped garlic potatoes. When thinking about what I wanted to eat, I wanted something light and flavorful. Tilapia was the perfect thing for what I wanted. The fish was lightly seasoned, wood grilled, and soaked in the lemon butter. It was soft and mouth-watering. The potatoes were delicious; they were airy and had just the right amount of garlic.

Being the steak man that he is, Alex ordered the sirloin steak topped with a gorgonzola-butter sauce and the garlic potatoes. The steak was cooked to perfection and was covered in sauce. Alex said this steak was just as good as the steaks he's had in the more expensive steakhouses. (Note: bad picture follows).

We didn't have dessert because we were so full from everything else we ate. The appetizers themselves are perfect for sharing but we each had one. We also caught a view of several of their desserts and they were so huge that we knew we wouldn't even be able to put in a dent in one of them if we ordered it. Instead we came home and had one of these suckers:

The service at Bonefish Grill was great and I really hope we are able to go back the next time we are in town.

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Michelle said...

We ate at Bonefish Grill for the first time when we were on vacation in Destin, FL this past May. It was fabulous! I agree with all aspects of your review. If you ever go back - my husband got the bang bang shrimp and loved it :) I got a filet with the garlic whipped potatoes and it was insane as well!