Sunday, July 27, 2008

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Nothing Tastes Better Than Quick Dinners

I love quick dinners. The kind of dinners you just throw together in a matter of minutes that come out tasting amazing. It feels great knowing that you can make an equally good meal in a matter of minutes as you would if you spent hours preparing the meal. I think quick meals are part of what makes cooking fun :)

Sundays are usually the days I make elaborate, involved dinners but today I felt like spending as little time in the kitchen as possible. I had no idea what to make and the only request from Alex was for dinner not to have beef in it since he ate so much beef this weekend. Great. That pretty much doesn't help. I looked through the cabinets and the fridge and decided to make a pasta with chicken. I sliced up chicken breasts and seasoned them with salt, pepper, and Italian seasonings and sauteed the chicken. Meanwhile, I cooked spinach pasta in a pot of boiling water and made a sauce of pesto, heavy cream, and grated parmesan cheese. This dish literally took 15 minutes to put together; it actually took more time to clean up and put everything away! It was a great dinner that left a lot of time for relaxing and enjoying a lazy Sunday.

I love how you can see all 3 parts in this picture.

All together.

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