Saturday, July 19, 2008

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Morton's Stuff...Err...Steakhouse

While we were in Miami I received a flyer in the mail for Morton's Steakhouse's "Steak and Seafood for Two: $99 for Two" special. This is the absolute best offer because Morton's is normally a very expensive steakhouse ($30-$50 for entrees alone) and for $99 two people get to eat a whole meal comprised of salad, entree, side dish, and dessert. The first time we went to Morton's was when they where having their $99 offer close to two years ago. Because we are so naive we thought that the servings would be small, but oh no. They definitely don't skimp on the food and I personally think they should refer to themselves as Morton's Stuffhouse instead of Steakhouse. When we left that night we were both so full that it hurt to walk home. I literally had cramping because my stomach was having such a hard time digesting all that I had stuffed it with. I have never been so full in my life. I mean, I was uncomfortably full. I vowed never to let myself get that full again. So when we went back last weekend for the $99 special you would think that we would have learned from our last experience. Well, I was good and ate just enough to fill me up but not so much that I thought my insides were going to burst. Alex, on the other hand, was not so good. He stuffed himself so much that he actually had the urge to throw up (has that ever happened to you?). On the way home he kept saying that he felt like he was going to give birth to a cow and that he was never going to go to Morton's Stuffhouse again. Poor guy. A few tablets of Pink Magic (Pepto Bismal) and a couple of restful hours later, Alex was like brand new.

Now on to our meal...

The restaurant is gorgeous. It has such a warm and inviting feeling to it with all the cream colors and wooden accents. The service is great and unpretentious. As soon as you sit down they bring out a loaf of sweet onion bread and butter. The bread is warm and delicious. A perfect start to a great meal.

Next you have a choice of Morton's salad or Caesar salad. We both ordered the Caesar salad and Alex even tried to eat some of the salad because he felt bad not touching the heaping pile of Caesar dressing drenched romaine lettuce. And if you know Alex you know this is huge because he does not like salad ("it tastes like grass"). I thought the salad was great. The dressing was the best part of the salad because it was creamy and had a kick of Worcestorshire sauce.

For the entree you get a petit filet mignon and your choice of either crab cakes, shrimp alexander (like a shrimp scampi), or crab legs. We both ordered the steaks medium and they came out very pink, or at least very pink to my I-like-steak-well-done standards. I will admit that I ordered my steak medium because I figured Alex would eat whatever I didn't eat (he couldn't do it). While I thought the steak was tasty and tender I couldn't get passed the pink coloring. Alex thought his steak was great and thought it was even better drenched in the bernaise sauce the waitress brought out. As for the seafood, I ordered the crab cakes and Alex ordered the shrimp alexander. The crab cakes were phenomenal. They were so full of crab meat that I was impressed. Most of the crab cakes I have had before have had a dense amount of bread/cracker crumbs that it was almost difficult to discern whether or not there really was any crab in the crab cake. The shrimp alexander was 3 jumbo shrimps that were lightly coated in a crispy batter and soaked in a lemon sauce. Alex ate one of the shrimps and gave the other two to me. I was so thankful he gave me those two shrimp because they were delicious and fresh tasting.

In addition, you get a choice of any two sides. Since the sides are big enough to share we ordered mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms. The mashed potatoes were smooth and buttery and the mushrooms were "mushroomy" in Alex's words (I don't eat mushrooms so I have no idea how these tasted).

The highlight of this meal was the dessert. You have a choice between key lime pie and chocolate cake. Alex ordered the key lime pie and said it was amazingly good. I ordered the chocolate cake which was more like a molten cake sent directly from food heaven.

Overall the meal was incredible and filling. If you go and take advantage of this offer make sure to not eat for 3 days before your reservation.

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