Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Goals for the Year

Spending lots of time at home lately has my mind going. If I'm not eating, sleeping, walking Perla, or discussing life with my friends on Gmail, I'm thinking. It's like my brain is in overdrive thinking about the upcoming year. Now for me, "upcoming year" doesn't refer to your standard year of January to December. Since we are officially a household of two students, "upcoming year" has been redefined to mean August to May. Come August I will be embarking on a whole new journey and throwing myself wholly into the pursuit of a legal education. It's scary, yet exciting at the same time. I've come to wonder if this will be the end of my schooling or if I'll be left wanting more of something else. In May of next year, the shackles of schooling will finally be removed from Alex's tired and strained brain and then he'll be thrown into the realities and complexities of the working world. But even more life-changing is the news we'll receive in 245 days. In 245 days we'll know what the next 5 years of our lives will look like: will we stay in Boston or will we move elsewhere? It's the outcome of this day that has my brain going and thinking about what I'd like to accomplish this upcoming year. I don't want to say that I lived in Boston for 4 years and didn't experience northern and New England living to the fullest. With that in mind I have created a "must do" list for August to May:

-Go to a Red Sox game: I've dealt with hearing the crowd every night the Sox are in town, so why not be a part of that roaring crowd?
-Go apple picking: I've never picked any kind of fruit and I think picking apples would be awesome. Apple pie anyone? DONE!
-See Nutcracker: Dropping hints each year has not worked (for once, why can't a woman be subtle and have a man pick up on it?), so this year I am determined to go, even if it is on my own. DONE!
-Go on a Duck Tour: I just want to, ok?
-Go on the Ghosts & Gravesides tour: The gravesides throughout the city must be crawling with interesting stories and I'm ready to hear them.
-Do the Freedom Trail: I know Boston history in it's broadest terms, I'd like to know more.
-Go to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard: I want to see what all the hype's about.
-Go skiing: The last time I went skiing was sometime in the 80s and that's quickly becoming a fleeting memory.
-Visit the surrounding states: Only problem...I have no idea what to do in the surrounding states. I need help!

If you have any recommendations about things a New Englander must do, please let me know. I'm open to suggestions :)

Here's to a year of discovering, experiencing, and enjoying New England living.

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KC720 said...

hmmm...well, I'm from RI and I think you should check out the Newport Mansions. They're quite a sight!

Jen said...

Hi from the S.Fla nest. :)
In NH, drive the Kancamangus highway during fall. Beautiful!Also, go to Mt. Washington. A Red Sox game is a must. DH is from Boston and we try to go everytime we're in town.

Beth said...

Get day-of Red Sox tickets (unless you plan waaaaay in advance, like I do!)
I agree, go to Newport.
Go to the coast of Maine. Eat lobster and enjoy the view.
The moutains/Lakes region of New Hampshire.
Go to Stowe and Burlington, VT. Ben and I went there for our honeymoon and LOVED it.
I'll go apple-picking with you! There's a place up the street from my parents' house.