Friday, January 9, 2009

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The Best of the Best

When we lived in Miami the only restaurants that would serve creme brulee were the expensive steakhouses. The dining scene in Boston is different in that respect. Almost all the restaurants up here serve creme brulee for dessert. It's gotten to the point where the allure of this custard dessert has been lost. Until now. I might have just found the most amazing creme brulee on the planet. I had never tasted anything silkier or creamier than this creme brulee. It was pure indulgence that made me believe in the specialness of this dessert. This piece of dessert heaven was compliments of Match in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. Match is a burger and martini bar and it's definitely a very hip and trendy restaurant. That's typically not my scene but I would go back a million times just for this dessert.

PS. They have great martinis too!

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