Monday, January 5, 2009

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Obsession of the Week

It seems like forever since I posted about my most recent obsession. School was my obsession for a while and I am sure it will become my obsession once again very soon. But for now my obsession is beer. While in Miami Alex and I watched a show on the history of beer and it was fascinating. It made both of us curious about microbreweries and we have since gone on a mission to try new beer flavors. I bought myself a bottle of Double Chocolate Stout and Alex got a bottle of Christmas Ale. I have no clue how his tastes since he hasn't opened it up, but I loved mine. It was a very rich and full-flavored beer. It smelled like dark chocolate and even had a hint of the bitterness of dark chocolate.

Since we aren't beer people we need suggestions, so what are some of your favorite beer flavors?


BMK said...

Chocolate Beer has to be good! I'm not a big beer fan but my absolute favorite is Paulaner Oktoberfest. Its seasonal and only usually available in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Samuel Adams Honey Porter...a totally satisfying amber beer with subtle sweet notes..we should all go for one(or four) sometime!

Beth said...

MH and I are thinking of starting a beer blog. He likes hoppy beers like double IPAs (they taste grapefruity to me) and I like darker beers.
Let's see...
We love Magic Hat's Roxy Rolles, but it's seasonal and I think its season is up. My all-time favorite is Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, also out of season.
Can't go wrong with Dogfish Head in general, though. Other breweries we love are anything by Smuttynose, we just got into Anchor, anything by Great Divide. There's a great beer bar in my neighborhood, but not very T-accessable. We'd go with you to either Cambridge Brewing Company or Sunset Grill in Allston if you want to hang out with some beer geeks.

We'll be brewing beer, soon. Right now we're collecting empties because we need 48 bottles for 5 gallons of beer, and I think it's silly to pay for bottles!