Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Remembering Holidays 2008

This post is long overdue. I have been wanting to do a recap post of the holidays and hadn't gotten a chance to do it until now. The past holiday season was great. We were able to spend time in Miami with our families and friends. We were able to go to the beach and enjoy the sun. The best part was that we were able to enjoy all the great Miami food. This holiday season was one of the best ones yet. I was able to truly enjoy every minute of our trip and I can't wait to be in Miami again. Here are a few highlights:

My mother in-law's table setting: This is the most gorgeous
table setting I have ever seen. She really outdid
herself with this one.
Perla enjoying the sun: I think she knew how bad the weather
was going to be back in Boston so she took advantage
and spent every second she could outside.

Our reindeer tradition: this has quickly become a staple.
I don't think the holidays would be the same
without these.
Abuela's Pernil (pork leg): Abuela had everyone eating out of
her hands with this one. By the time this sucker
was carved, we had already picked off
a huge chunk of it.
Fried Turkey: They made a fried turkey for Thanksgiving and
because of how good it came out they made another
one. I am so thankful they did because the
turkey was amazing and juicy.
Mom's Tamales: This is a staple in my mom's house. She
makes these every year and every year I eat
at least 2 of them in one sitting.

Abuela's Flan: One word. Amazing.
Driving from Naples with a huge painting: We went to the Naples Art Festival
and my in-laws saw a gorgeous painting with an amazing price. Let's just
say that I have never seen anything sell quicker than that
painting. Figuring out how to fit it in the car was
another issue.
Santa's Helpers: These girls are too cute for words.
My siblings: They say that the friends you have the longest in your
life are your siblings. I am very lucky to have two of
the best people related to me. It's fun going
on this lifetime journey with them.

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Gabe's Girl said...

I just found your blog on TWD. What a wonderful looking table setting. Awesome pics. Can hardly wait for your challenge.