Friday, January 9, 2009

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A Boston Staple

It seems like whenever you ask for restaurant recommendations in Boston you almost always get a recommendation for Legal's Seafood. They supposedly have the freshest seafood in the city and they definitely have the best prices. I went with my friend Edgar recently. He was very thoughtful in his selection and said he chose it since he knew I didn't get to eat seafood that often. As a thank you for a great night full of lots of interesting conversations over the course of a great meal, I'm going to use Edgar's own word for this restaurant review.

Coconut shrimp - The size of the shrimp was impressive. I'm used to having coconut shrimp with shredded coconut instead of shaved coconut, but it was a nice change; although it adds more texture, it doesn't necessarily add any extra "coconut" flavor

Crab cakes, scallop, & shrimp combo - the shrimps and scallops were perfectly cooked, but my favorite were the crab cakes; although they were smaller than I expected, there were hefty lumps of crab meat with just enough stuffing to keep them together..very flavorful. The salad seemed like a garnish. Overall, I think the portion of the dish would be drastically improved if there was one more crab cake.

Stuffed shrimp - I've gotten this before myself and have been very pleased; definitely a heavier dish than one would expect because of the amount of stuffing in the shrimp. It's all very tasty, but if there were less stuffing and larger shrimp, it would be even better.

Key lime pie - As you know I'm a huge fan of key lime pie, and I can say this one hit the mark. The filling was creamy and supple with just enough tartness and the crust was crumbly but not overly soft. I was intrigued by the light colored sauce; although it was a "lemon sauce" it was more creamy than tart, which was great.

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Edgar P. said...

Oh snap!!! I made it on the blog! Thanks for sharing a fun night!