Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Moonstruck x2

We recently went to New York for one of Alex's interviews. Our amazing friend Lauren was kind enough to let us stay at her apartment and, after the first day, we were smitten. Not only is her apartment twice the size as ours, but it is also located in a great area surrounded by great restaurants. We couldn't decide were to eat our first night in New York so we walked into Moonstruck. This restaurant has a retro diner feel mixed with modern glam. We loved our dinner so much that we went back two days later for breakfast.

For dinner Alex ordered the bacon burger. This burger was monstrous and topped with huge strips of bacon and huge chunks of onion rings. Between each bite Alex said "this burger is soooo good!"
I order the Wilshire sandwich. This sandwich was composed of grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, and muenster cheese. This combination of ingredients was fantastic. It was extremely flavorful and the chicken was very juicy. They weren't stingy on the avocado at all, which made the sandwich all the more better.
When we went for breakfast we both ordered a glass of OJ. The OJ was fresh squeezed and tasted so refreshing.
Alex ordered the waffle and bacon. The waffle was the size of my head and about 2 inches thick. After eating this waffle Alex proclaimed his love for Moonstruck.
I ordered the silver dollar pancakes, eggs, and ham. The plate comes piled high with pancakes so this isn't for the faint of hearts. The pancakes are buttery and extremely addictive, so beware. The eggs come anyway you want them and the ham is sliced thin and grilled.
Moonstruck is located at 449 3rd Avenue (corner of 31st Street) in New York City.

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