Thursday, January 8, 2009

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Chicago in Boston

Although I was born in Chicago and spent my summers there after moving to Florida I never had the pleasure of eating a deep dish pizza. I have, however, had deep dish pizza at Uno Chicago Grill. These pizzas definitely are not for the faint of heart, er, stomach. The pizza crust is what really makes these pizzas because the crust is buttery, crispy, and chewy. Although the pizzas are generally loaded with toppings you get more crust than toppings so carb counters beware! When we went to Uno's recently, I order the pizza of course and it was delicious. I felt like a fatty afterward but it was so worth it. I ordered the personal-sized pepperoni pizza and I couldn't eat it all; the most I can get through is half of the pizza.

Alex was a bit of a rebel and order a bbq burger with bacon and cheddar. What solidified the burger as a great burger in Alex's book were the onion strings.

Because I have been on a chocolate fix lately we ordered the Oreo brownie sundae. Alex was disappointed that the brownie didn't taste like Oreos, but the dessert was enough to satisfy my chocolate craving. The brownie was very fudgy and surprisingly light.

I have no idea how Uno's pizza stacks up against the pizzas made in the hometown, non-chain pizzerias, but this pizza is great. They are very affordable and have a pretty extensive menu. If you don't go for anything else, definitely go check out the pizza. I have yet to find another pizzeria that makes Chicago-style deep dish pizza in Boston.

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Gigi said...

omg, i was born and raised in chicago as well. (i moved to cali for school) i think it's time for another visit after seeing my hometowns food. great pics!