Sunday, March 22, 2009

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Another Day, Another Concern

This week has been crazy. It was full of so many exciting and happy moments. At the same time, however, concerns over the big move are mounting. We have to be in Miami by June 1st at the latest, which means we have a little over two months to figure out what to do with our living arrangements. We are in the process of figuring out our Miami arrangements, but we are stuck when it comes to our Boston housing. We need to find someone for our apartment and this has Alex really stressed out. I'm hoping I can resurrect the leasing skills that worked so well for me at my last job. If you know anyone that's interested in living in Boston, please have them contact me (! We live in a studio in Fenway and the going rate is $1200. Lease would start June 1. Here are some pictures, just in case:

PS...sorry for the non-food related post. Check back later for an awesome treat.

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