Friday, March 27, 2009

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South End Buttery

I am really starting to like the South End. I'm usually apprehensive because some of the restaurants are overpriced in my opinion and the serving sizes tend to be on the small size. Every now and then though you get a winner. The latest winner is the South End Buttery. This restaurant is by far one of the most gorgeous restaurants I have ever seen. I wanted to move all the tables and people out and move myself in. This restaurant looked exactly like what I would want my house to look like. It was creams and browns and lots of white molding and textures. The restaurant is very cozy feeling and the food is wholesome.

Alex ordered the penne with pumpkin seed pesto. The penne was great. The pesto tasted like your traditional pesto but with a slight kick of pumpkin. The dish also came with root vegetables and one of them was sweet potato. This was a great addition to the dish because the sweetness of the potato was a nice contrast to the saltiness of the pesto.I ordered the hanger steak with fried potatoes. The steak was delicious and incredibly tender. The sauce made the steak juicier. The best part of this dish were the potatoes. Huge chunks of potatoes fried make me very, very happy.
Alex ordered the blood orange creme brulee. You can never go wrong with creme brulee and this one was pretty good. You could actually taste the orange in it. We've had flavored creme brulees before that have subtle flavors, but this one tasted like an orange custard.
I ordered the brownie with brandied berries. This serving was enough dessert for two people. The brownie had a crispy crust and was chewy on the inside. The brownie was very light and not too chocolaty. The berries were so fantastically tart and soft.
South End Buttery is located in Boston's South End Neighborhood.


Elyse said...

Mmm, all of this food looks fabulous. Especially those desserts!

Stephanie said...

The desserts were fabulous!