Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Excitement and Anticipation

Cati will be one in 54 days, which means her party will be in 52 days, which also means I have a smash-the-cake photo session to look forward to before the party. I've already decided Cati's cake is going to be a simple cupcake and I have her outfit all planned out. I'm curious as to how she will approach the cupcake given how cautiously she approaches new foods. I don't anticipate her digging in because I think she will be thrown off by the frosting but who knows, right?

Tonight we had a funfetti cupcake for dessert and this was my little sneak peek into Cati's reaction to her birthday cupcake:

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Momof1 said...

With my daughter's 1st b-day I totally expected cake smashing, frosting everywhere...you get the pic. But no, she just gingerly touched the frosting, put it in her mouth...realized the frosting was good so kept gingerly dipping her finger into the frosting and then in her mouth. No cake smashing here LOL. Have fun planning Cati's party!