Sunday, December 19, 2010

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This Week in Mommyhood

Last week Cati didn't want to eat. This week she will only eat if distracted. Last week it was because of the tooth breaking so what is it this week? I wish I knew because mealtime has gotten really messy due to her need for distraction. It's as if she had no time or interest in eating. This is slightly annoying seeing as I'm slightly paranoid about Cati not eating enough.
Cati turned 10 months this past week and ever since she has been the sweetest and funniest child. She now likes to lay in my lap and hold her bottle in the mornings; she will hold the bottle, suck a little, smile and giggle, talk, and then suck some more. It's like we are chatting over coffee and Cati is telling me all kinds of funny stories. This has become a new favorite time of day with her.
Cati is getting more and more comfortable with taking little steps. She actually started swiveling this week! Every time she takes a step I clap, laugh, and smile. Basically anything that will serve as positive reinforcement so that she continues to take steps. Another new development is that Cati is starting to step up the stairs instead of climb. She only does it on the first step but it's neat to see the progression of movement.
Cati is a chatterbox this week. I wish I could understand her because she has a whole lot to say. I love the sound of her little voice. Her favorite things to say are mama, dada, go (Perla), da (mas), and gua (agua). She also likes to growl and make noises that sound like imitations of Perla's bark.
Our Christmas tree is still a work in progress (!!!!) but Alex and Cati put the star on it this past week. Cati is fascinated by the tree. Not so much by the lights or the presents, but by the glittery ornaments. She loves to crawl to the tree and play with the ornaments. I can't wait to see her open her presents!
Proving how naïve I am, I thought once Cati's tooth broke through the gum it would be completely out. I honestly thought she'd go to sleep one night with nothing and would wake up the next morning with the tooth fully out. I didn't realize it was a process and that the tooth slowly came out. No wonder babies are in so much discomfort when teething; it's a slow churning grinding and not a not-there-blink-there kind of thing. I am obsessed with looking at the little tooth and feeling it but it's so weird to think that my baby has a tooth. For some reason, a tooth seems so grown up.
Time is seriously moving along. Cati will be one before I know it and I'm anxious of what life with a toddler will be like.

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Momof1 said...

your daughter is ADORABLE! Anyway, yeah, they like to play more than they like to eat. Just keep offering her food (esp at mealtimes) so that it becomes a habit. She'll get it down. With my daughter, she got two teeth at a time. One would pop through and then the next one (i.e. her two bottom teeth and then her two top teeth) would pop through shortly thereafter so teething is a long, drawn out affair. No one tells you the lack of sleep you get with teething! Toddlers are a handful (mine is a little over a year) but fun! She is def exploring her inner two year old, ha ha. I'm enjoying the journey 'cause it's already going by too quick! Good luck and enjoy!