Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Holiday Kick Start

My head just isn't in it. The only cooking I have done over the last week is making Cati's food. Alex has been working really long days and I just don't feel like cooking if I'm the only one eating. I haven't even baked anything! You would think I'd be a baking machine given the holidays, but nope. No energy and zero motivation. I tried to kick start myself into the holiday mood by putting up some of our Christmas decorations yesterday and I think that might have worked. And if not, at least our house is starting to look festive. I can't wait to get our tree and take pictures of Cati with all our decorations. Here's what our decorations are looking like this year:

Our Fireplace.

Cati has her own special stocking.

Alex's favorite thing was the ornaments in the vases throughout the house.

We both managed to forget about our Nutcracker. Poor guy.

Coffee Table with the Mr. and Mrs. 

Window with the garland I made.

The garland is my favorite thing.

I am so happy with how everything came together. I felt even happier when Alex came home and was so impressed he said I should do something like this professionally.

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breedwoman said...

so cute! i puffy heart christmas!