Sunday, December 12, 2010

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This Week in Mommyhood

Cati has been a little under the weather this week. While she is still acting the same, certain things about her have been off this week. She is normally a fantastic eater but this week she was not in the mood to eat her solids. She drank her bottles like normal, but when it came to food she flat out refused. I was lucky if I was able to get her to eat an ounce of anything solid. I would get food in her mouth but then it would just sit there and every time I tried to offer her more food she would rub her face or swat the spoon.
Also, her stomach wasn't feeling too good and she had a few unpleasant diaper messes. I was baffled at first but then Alex brought up the fact that Cati had basically been eating nothing but breast milk so, of course, her diapers would look like what they did three months ago. I knew it wasn't a cold or a virus or anything like that because she was acting normally otherwise. I called the pediatrician just in case and he told me it was one of two things: stomach bug or teething.
I knew it wasn't a stomach bug because she had no fever and only two instances of diarrhea. I had a feeling it was because she was finally officially teething. Sure enough, she's teething. The little tooth isn't out yet but you can see that it's starting to break through the gum. It's one of her bottom teeth and I am so excited to finally see a little tooth in her mouth. I'm hoping that little sucker comes out soon because, if not, I'm going to be singing "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" like a broken record.
Because Cati's appetite hasn't been too good, the only new thing she tried this week was jell-o. She was so confused by it at first but she loved it afterward and had a trip playing with it. Oh wait! She did try something that convinced me the child is mine. I gave her a tiny bit of cupcake (no frosting, just cake) and she got MAD at me when I refused to give her more. The girl literally flipped out on me!
Cati got to open and play with one of her Christmas gifts this week. Normally, I wouldn't have let this happen but since it was a gift from her Titi Jes and Titi Jes is going to be starting a new job tomorrow I wanted Titi Jes to see Cati play with her new toy. Cati LOVES her new Pillow Pet Ms. Ladybug! She jumps on it, lays down on it, pets it, and sticks its nose and antenna in her mouth. Alex and I are both amazed by how much she loves Ms. Ladybug. I hope she likes the rest of her gifts just as much!
I can't believe this is the last week of Cati's nine month of life. It's crazy how quickly time is passing.

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vickdn said...

I love her facial expression in that one where she looks confused/upset/annoyed. Sorry to hear she wasn't feeling well but glad that a tooth is growing in! She's growing up right before our eyes!