Friday, December 3, 2010

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Holiday DIY

 It seems like I begin the holiday season every year feeling like a Grinch. Every year I have the same worries, concerns, and overreactions. I go from hating the holidays and wishing they didn't matter to loving the holidays and anticipating spending time with my loved ones. I was excited about the holidays because of Cati; I couldn't wait to experience the holidays through her eyes. I was not, however, excited about experiencing the holidays myself. Talk about a disconnect. It took me decorating the house to get to the point where I could really start enjoying the holidays for what they mean to me. Now my house looks festive and I cannot wait to host Christmas Day here.
Because Christmas Day is going to be here I want our house to feel really festive. One of my projects was the garland I made to put over the large window in our living room. Another project was this ornament wreath. It was so easy to make and all it took was 25 minutes of my time (note: I skipped the hot glue part), a hanger, and some shatterproof ornaments. For the tutorial on how to make a wreath go here. Trust me, you have to make this! The wreath completely changed the look of our dining room.

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Alexandria said...

Beautiful wreath! That tutorial is sooo easy. Great way to use up one of those wire hangers lying around my house. Hmmm, I wonder who has sales on ornaments this weekend so I can make one too!