Sunday, December 26, 2010

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This Week in Mommyhood

The big event this week was Christmas. It's as if everyday this week was spent doing something Christmas-related. We had last minute shopping trips to the store and supermarket (note to self: doing groceries at 8am is the way to go), gifts to wrap, decorations to put up, and a menu to work on. We spent Christmas Eve at my in-laws and Christmas Day here, but both days were filled with lots of food, love, and family. Cati seemed to really enjoy herself this year although she still didn't "get" Christmas. She loved all the toys she got and I can't wait to dress her up in the clothes Santa brought her. I'll write more about or Christmas celebration later.
Cati is starting to take more steps! I think she's going to be walking in a few weeks. She started taking 2-3 steps this week but after that she either loses her balance and plops down or she remembers how to crawl and how much faster she moves with that type of locomotion. I foresee lots of trips out of the house once she starts walking just because of the number of stairs we have in the house. Like Alex, I can't wait to hold her hand and walk with her.
Cati loves to open doors, drawers, and cabinets. She hasn't gotten to the point where she pulls things out (she just touches) but every time she comes across something that opens or closes, her fingers go to work and she'll just sit there opening and closing. The funniest one is when she closes the bathroom door so she can play with the baby in the mirror.
Cati learned how to brush her hair this week. She'll grab the brush and try to brush her hair but what it actually looks like is her hitting herself on the head with the brush. It's so cute, especially since she has a ton of hair now. Cati also learned about chapstick. When she wants some she will smack her lips and when I put some on her lips she also smacks her lips. At first she would try to eat the chapstick but now she opens her lips and holds steady while I put it on. This kid is seriously cuteness overload.
On the 23rd we took our first trip to the zoo with Titi Jes. The last time I went to the zoo was back in January so it was fun to go back with Cati this time. For the most part, Cati was oblivious to the zoo animals but it was a good time nonetheless. I'll share more about of zoo trip later.
Another week in mommyhood is done with. Christmas has passed and now both Alex and I are left with a sense of astonishment; the next big event is Cati's first birthday. Holy. Cow.

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