Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Marriage, Pregnancy, Boards

Have you ever tried to sum up your life into a few words? Kind of like that activity that asks you to describe yourself in three words. I took this picture recently and it occurred to me that the picture perfectly described the state of my life at this point. It's a glimpse into what's important at the moment and what consumes my thoughts. First, there's my marriage. I feel incredibly lucky to have married such a great guy and still be happy. Second, is the pregnancy. Again, I feel incredibly lucky to be pregnant and to be in this stage of not only my life, but our lives. Lastly, there are the boards. These tests seem to never end and have played such a huge role in our lives for the past 3 years. So much has ridden on Alex passing them. He's finally done with the last part of his boards but now the anticipation and wait for the results begins.

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