Friday, September 11, 2009

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Moving Trip, Part 1

Holy cow. I was just looking through all my uploaded pictures and I realized that I never told you about our moving trip. It's been almost 4 months and I haven't even talked about with you. I'm so sorry! We drove down from Boston and made quick stops in both DC and Savannah. When I say quick, I mean quick. We spent about a day in each city, which in my opinion isn't enough, but we had a deadline and had to be in Miami sooner rather than later. As it is, I had to push for taking stops. Alex wanted to drive straight down and not stop at all.

Our first stop was DC. Alex went to DC as a child and I had never been. I was completely in awe of the city. There was so much to do and so much of it was free! We spent a day walking around and looking at the monuments and we both vowed to return when we could spare a few more days. I can't get over how much our our nation's past, present, and future is so alive in the city. The monuments are breathtaking. Alex's favorite monument is Abraham Lincoln's. Abe is his favorite president and he loves everything and anything having to do with him. I'm a little biased and my favorite thing in DC was the Supreme Court. The courtroom is gorgeous and I can only begin to imagine how it must feel to sit in that room while the justices are there.

White House.
DC Monuments.
WWII Memorial.
Good Ol' Abe.
FDR Memorial.
Old Post Office.
Capitol Building.
Supreme Court.
Supreme Court courtroom.
Library of Congress.
Supreme Court fountain.
Declaration of Independence.

Our second stop was Savannah. I was instantly enamored by this city. The architecture is stunning and the people are extremely nice. The city has such a vibrant and cozy feel to it. And again, the history living in the city is so amazing. One of our stops in Savannah was Paula Deen's Lady & Son's (I'll review this in a later post). Let's just say the restaurant is very good but the food is super heavy.I'm so glad Savannah was our second stop because after the day we had in DC we needed to rest. Savannah was perfect for taking a relaxing stroll and enjoying the beauty of the architecture and the many manicured parks.

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Christina said...

Savannah looks lovely! The buildings alone are spectacular. I'd love to visit there.