Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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TWD: Chocolate Souffle

Chocolate Souffle...doesn't that make you think of the perfect ending to a really nice and fancy dinner? I had always been intrigued by this dessert. The name is so elegant. I always thought souffle was a hard to make dessert that required baking skills far beyond the ones I possessed. Dorie dispelled this misconception and Susan of She’s Becoming DoughMessTic was brave enough to pick this dessert for us TWDers to make this week. Great choice Susan! The souffle was so easy to put together and the final product was so delicious. The souffle was light and chocolaty and just plain heavenly. I can officially cross souffle off my "scared to tackle" dessert list :)

Make sure to check Susan's blog for the recipe and the TWD site to see how everyone else did this week.


Eliana said...

Your souffle looks absolutely delicious.

Katrina said...

Ditto that on being scared. I also thought souffle was eggy tasting and was delighted that chocolate was the star here! Looks great!

Jayne said...

Your souffle looks great! Nice job!

TeaLady said...

It was super easy wasn't it. And sooo good. Definitely a keeper.

Yours look lovely.