Friday, September 11, 2009

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Moving Trip, Part 3: Savannah Highlight

The main reason I pushed for a stop in Savannah on our trip down was because I really wanted to go to Lady & Sons. We went to the restaurant before they opened and stood in line with about 30 other people hoping to get a reservation time that worked with out timeline. Luckily enough it did and we were set to have lunch at 12:30pm.

We walked around Savannah and tried to get our stomachs hungry enough for the buffet. This is me before we ate. Can you see the naive look on my face?? Yes it's partly happiness that we were eating at Paula Deen's restaurant but it's also the look of overconfidence. I thought I'd be making several trips to the buffet. Boy, was I wrong.
They start you off by bringing you two slices of starch. One of them was a corn pancake and the other I think was a cheddar bread. Both were extremely good but you could feel the grease swimming around inside you. I liked the corn pancake the best because you could really taste the corn. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how many times I had to dab a piece of the corn pancake to get all the oil out. I had to dab it 11 times to get all the gunk out of it. Can you believe that? No wonder there is a warning on the menu that says they aren't afraid to use peanut oil.
Thank goodness we had some lemonade to wash all the grease down. Despite the sweetness of the lemonade, this helped us feel just a little bit healthier. Until......We made the trip to the buffet. As I said earlier, the plan was to make multiple trips to the buffet. There were a dozen southern dishes in the buffet, but we both stuck to basics and got mashed potatoes with gravy, mac & cheese, fried chicken, and baked chicken. I wasn't a fan of the mac & cheese because it didn't have enough flavor in it and it seemed kind of pasty. I blame that on it being a buffet food item. The mashed potatoes and gravy were classic and just right. The real winner was the fried chicken. OMG the flavor was amazing. The chicken was incredibly juicy and tender and the complete opposite of bland. The baked chicken was just as good, but the crunch of the fried chicken really was the star of the show. After this serving I was done. I couldn't even think about standing up. I felt like I swallowed a brick and was hoping someone would offer me a wheelchair or something so that I didn't have to walk anymore.
Paula Deen obviously doesn't realize how filling her food is and included dessert in the buffet. The dessert sizes were extremely appropriate. You could knock these babies out with 4 bites. Unfortunately, because I was so full I was only able to take half a bite of my butter cake. I took the rest to go. The cake matched it's name. It was very rich and buttery and had this been any other day I would have probably loved it, but since I was so full the thought of eating it repulsed me. Alex toughed it out. He actually ate all of his dessert. He ordered the banana pudding and said it was delicious. The bananas were ripe and the pudding had the perfect flavor combination of cream and banana.
After lunch, we walked around the city some more. After being defeated by the buffet we hoped we wouldn't be defeated to the point where we'd never eat again. The food was very, very, very good but it was extremely heavy. This meal could easily be the only meal you eat in a day. I'm sure the breads alone had enough calories for the day.

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