Friday, September 11, 2009

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Ruth's Chris Dessert Rave

I've been to Ruth's Chris once in my life. I remember everything about the meal, from where we sat to who our waiter was to what we ate. My best memory from that night was the apple dessert we ordered. I was amazed at the size and deliciousness of the dessert. It was by far the best apple dessert I had ever had. Alex recently went to a rep sponsored dinner there and my one request was for him to bring me home some dessert. He did and my jaw literally dropped when I saw the size of the dessert. He brought me cheesecake. I was expecting a slice of cheesecake not a whole mini cake. I was not prepared. The cheesecake was divine; it was sweet and creamy and there was the ratio of cheesecake filling to graham cracker crust. After this, it became dessert law that Ruth's Chris is the place to go for huge desserts that are of the best quality.

A little perspective: The cake compared to Dorie's Book. Can you believe
this is a single serving? As in, made for one person.

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Eliana said...

Wow - thats huge. I've only had dinner there and now you have me wanting to go back and have dessert.