Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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TWD: Apple Turnovers

The world is a beautiful place isn't it? Despite all the bad and sad, there is still a lot of love and happiness going around. I like to think of all the good things to help me get through the day and help me cope with the reality of things. A little bit of my happy mood got into the apple turnovers and every time I looked at them I smiled. I made some of the turnovers in their traditional shape and got creative with the rest. The turnovers were fantastic. Alex kept raving about them and how he liked how the dough wasn't sweet. The dough is sweet, just not sweet in a way that overpowers and takes away from the natural flavors of the apple filling. I love sour cream in desserts because it adds another level of flavor and it makes desserts more tender, if that makes any sense.

Thanks to Julie of Someone’s in the Kitchen for this week's selection. Make sure to check out her blog for the recipe and to head over to the TWD site to see what everyone else thought of the apple turnovers.

Not traditional.
Goodness on the inside.


Engineer Baker said...

Love the heart cutout - so cute! And so incredibly flaky, wow!

The Gourmet On A Diet said...

I love the cute heart touch! Makes it special for a loved one. So smart.

Jen said...

i love this post :) i am going to have to try to make these even though i think they are beyond my skill level. they look DELICIOUS!

Katrina said...

Ha, love the heart! Your turnovers look perfect!

Jess said...

Those little hearts are so sweet. The perfect touch for these turnovers.

Jules Someone said...

Love the little hearts! So glad these were enjoyed. Thanks for baking with me!