Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Birthday DIY: Crepe Paper Letters

Cati's birthday party is in 24 days and I'm still figuring things out. The only things set in stone still are date, time, and location. There's no turning back on that seeing as the invitations were put in the mail today. I didn't go with either of the invitations I shared with you in the Birthday Chatter post but I'm going to wait to share which one I did go with until I know that those invited have received their invitation. Let's just see it was a good compromise and more of what I like when it comes to invitations.

One of the other DIY projects I worked on when I made the DIY Ballerina Wreath was the letters for the name banner. Inspired by this name banner sold by Miette Shop

I set out to make my own in the aqua, pink, and white colors of Cati's party. I used this video on How to Make Crepe Paper Flower Rosette as a guide. I cut out a circle (cardstock) in the size I wanted each letter to be and started with the white crepe paper, then I did the pink and aqua. Instead of tape (as shown in the video) I used double sided photo corners to hold down the pleats on the circle and in between pleats. I found this beautiful aqua paper at Michael's and printed the letters out on it and then cut the circles out.


I'm still deciding on how to put the banner together but I plan on it being hung over the dessert table. The project took me about three hours from start to finish and I made eight letters in total. Total cost was about $6.50.


Shelley said...

Do you have your cake or cookies picked out yet:)

Shelley said...

Do you have your sweets picked out yet:)

breedwoman said...

SOOO pretty! ribbon! use ribbon! LOVE!