Sunday, January 2, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

The big news this week has been Cati's walking. She had been taking itty bitty steps for the past couple of weeks but this week she really dived into walking. I knew walking was on the horizon but I didn't think it would happen this fast. She literally went from taking three steps one minute to nine the next. While Cati still prefers to crawl because it's faster she is definitely practicing her walking a lot. I think she looks like a little mummy and Alex thinks she looks like a drunken sailor. What I find fascinating is how Cati is able to walk better and longer when she's holding something. I guess that keeps her center of gravity more balanced than having her arms free and out.
I took the leap this week and bought Cati real shoes. I have heard a lot of good things about Stride Rite so I got Cati a pair of those. They weren't my first choice for shoes (they look like mini orthopedic shoes!) but these were the shoes she was actually able to walk in. Comfort trumps style but I will admit I think the shoes are a million times cuter now that I associate the shoes with Cati.
The funniest thing Cati has been doing lately is plowing Perla. I don't know what it is, but every time Perla is near Cati, Cati plows into her head first. At one point Cati even cornered Perla and Perla tried to scramble away. Thank God Perla has an easy, laid back personality because she takes the abuse without a growl or nasty reaction.
The sweetest thing Cati has started doing is at night right before bed. I do the usual bottle before bed and Cati usually either falls asleep at some point or she's really groggy when I put her down. But during the last part of the week she has been wide awake after the bottle and she hugs and cuddles me while I rock and sing to her. It's as if she wants extra time with me and I definitely enjoy holding a calm Cati in my arms.
It's 2011. I can't believe Cati was born LAST year and her birthday is in 42 days.

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Eliana said...

Hope you had a very happy new year. And look at Cati go! She is so advanced for her age. A testament to how great of a mother you are. (I'm taking notes for when it's my turn.)