Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Little Earthquakes

Life is made up of moments. Moments that excite, enrage, and shock. Moments that take your breath away for reasons both good and bad. Moments that make you feel the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Moments full of happy tears and sad tears. Moments to remember and moments you wish you could forget.

We are all walking universes. We each have a world that revolves around us. I don't mean this in the sense that the world must stop at our request, I mean it in the sense that we are all a part of a system. In us lies relationships and connections to others. Most of the times those connections are seamless, but every now and then, those connections crash against each other.

This past week my own little universe has collided into the universe of others in ways that make moments feel like earthquakes: pieces of knowledge of coming together in a way that causes a friction so intense everything is shaken; the memory of when it all happened completely changing the landscape of your mind. I have been rocked to my core, shaken up, and turned upside down. How do you move forward without looking back? How do you incorporate the new mental creases and dents? How do you forget?

The year has gotten to the most interesting start. Here's hoping the rest of 2011 is full of moments that make your heart flutter and your smile radiate so brightly the sun becomes envious.


Katrina said...

Wow, that sounds deep. Hope everything is okay! I like your attitude.

Desi said...

I like that line 'we are all walking universes, we each have a world that revolves around us'... and I too hope all is ok!