Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Home Improvement

I apologize for the lack of food posts lately. Alex is on vacation this week and, although we are here in Miami, I feel like we are vacationing outside of the city. Our days are full and I am beyond exhausted by the end of the day. We are definitely getting a lot done around here and spending some much needed family time together. One thing I can always count on when Alex has time off is getting things done around the house that make the house feel more homey. Every time we put something up on the walls I feel like the house is becoming more and more alive and like it is reflecting us more. One of the things we did was put up our mirror and silhouette prints. Alex had been dying to get a sunburst-style mirror and I had been dying to get silhouette prints of all of us. We both got what we wanted over Christmas and the mirror and prints went up in our bedroom over our dresser. I love the way it looks. Here are the prints from Etsy seller Personal Touches (I highly recommended working with Vanessa):

Here is our new and improved wall with space left for the future child's silhouette print. For now, I am going to get a print of Perla done to fill in the wall under Cati's silhouette:

One thing we both realized is that while we love the color of our room (it's a light green), the color is just right for making everything else in the room look green. You can see what I mean when you look at the prints above and then when you look at the prints on the wall; the prints have gone from cream to green. Still looks cool though.

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