Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Twenty Eleven

I meant to post this on Saturday but, of course, life got in the way. Twenty ten is done with. Over. Finished. The book on twenty ten has been written and published while the book on twenty eleven is in its infancy. What will this year hold for us? What do we resolve to accomplish? The year has just begun and with it is the renewal of hopes and dreams for the future. Nothing gives you better focus or perspective than a fresh start.

I spent New Year's in what some may consider the loneliest fashion. Alex had to work so I got to ring in the new year by myself. Well, technically not by myself since I "will never be alone again now that we have Cati" (Alex's words after I complained for the 23rd about him working). The point is I spent the night reading a book, drinking wine, and eating tacos (random note: it seems I always eat tacos when I'm sad and lonely; thanks for pointing that out Jeselyn!). I avoided the TV because the thought of seeing couples kiss at the stroke of midnight kind depressed me (hello, my name is Mrs. Over Dramatic). Instead, I read my book, drank my wine, ate my tacos, and waited for Alex to call so I could call it a night. The next day I woke up and marveled at the fact that it was twenty eleven and that in twenty ten my life change in the most dramatic way possible.

Then I freaked out. Holy crap it's twenty eleven. The year of my baby's birth is over. One of the most important years of my life is a thing of the past destined to become more and more faded as time continues to truck on forward. Twenty ten was such a huge year for me, will my memory do it justice? Is twenty eleven itself destined to be just another notch in the belt of time?

I'm greedy so I want twenty eleven to be just as good. My hopes, dreams, and aspirations say it will be, but who knows. Right now I will indulge in the positive and happy thoughts and simply resolve to enjoy the adventure that will be twenty eleven.

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Delia said...

I realized Saturday that even though I was with my husband at a party, I was sitting on the sofa with a friend at midnight and I didn't kiss anyone. :-) Hope next year you get to celebrate in style!