Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Double Duty Stroller

Our stroller is not only capable of transporting Cati around but also of being pushed around by Cati. Whenever Cati is out of the stroller she throws a bit of a fit because she wants to push it. We have gotten the strangest of looks from people because of how funny it must look to be carrying Cati while she pushes the stroller. Yesterday she one upped that. We were at the playground yesterday and Cati could care less about the swings and slides. She wanted to push the stroller and actually walk with it. I have two videos of her pushing the stroller and both are equally great but this one is just a tiny bit funnier.



Alexandria said...

Adorable video... I love how she doesn't seem to be phased by any of her falls. Too funny!

vickdn said...

Ha, and she doesn't know why the stroller won't go any further... cuz there is a swing there lol! Such a cutie, love watching her grow up!