Sunday, January 16, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

Cati turned eleven months old this week. My baby is inching closer toward becoming a toddler. Bittersweet is the best word to describe how I felt on January 14th.
Alex has been off this week so Cati has gotten a lot of father-daughter time. It's beautiful to see these two together and every time I see how loving and tender Alex is with Cati I am reminded of why I picked Alex to spend and create a life with.
Cati's little milestones continue to astonish me. I have given her a straw to play with before but this week I actually tried to get her to drink using a straw. It's amazing how quickly she figured it out. Needless to say, I love her little puckering face as she drinks from the straw.
Cati is even more of a chatterbox and she loves to do "Little Indian." On one particular car ride Alex and I were hunched over because our stomachs hurt so much from laughing at all the noises Cati makes. I had the camera with me so I was able to catch her in all her glory:
If you noticed from the video, Cati is now forward facing in the car! I turned the seat around this week because I had to adjust the straps and figured our car rides might be more enjoyable if she can actually see me. Sure enough, car rides have become more fun all around. There's something so big and grown up about looking to the back seat and seeing my daughter facing me.
Eating sucks big time this week. It sucks so much that my temper has been seriously tested and I've had to walk away. I know it's because of that nasty little tooth who refuses to break through but it's frustrating to see all food either get rejected or end up on the floor or in the hair. Cati is great and normal at every other moment but mealtime is a horror. I remarked this week that at the rate Cati's getting teeth she'll be teething until she's 12.
On a positive note, walking is improving. Cati has perfected turning and she is capable of walking longer distances. It's adorable to see her walk from one room to another; she looks so tiny against all the grown-up/big people things. She is such a little person and she walks around the house like she knows exactly what she's doing and where she's going.
Cati's birthday is in 28 days which means her party is in 26 days. I have 28 more days to relish in the babyhood stage.

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manic mamajama said...

I beg you to reconsider turning your car seat around.