Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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In Her Shoes

Did you ever see the movie "In Her Shoes"?  No? Well, that's ok. I saw it and didn't really like it. Plus, the only thing that movie has in common with this post is the title. It may not seem like it from the pictures but Cati wears shoes everyday. When we are at home she's barefoot or in socks and I always put on shoes when we go out. When she first started walking all she had were the first Stride Rite shoes but as she's gotten better at walking I've been able to diversify her shoe collection so that her shoes actually match her outfits. I'm actually just a teensy bit jealous of her shoe collection.

Stride Rita "Marissa" brown multi-colored sneakers

Me Too "Lil Lottie" silver ballet flats

Converse "Pink Lady" sneakers

Gap Jelly shoes

Stride Rite "Lucia" hot pink sandals

Oompa Loompa's Molly black patent leather Mary Janes

Toke sandalia balila silver sandals

Totes pink flats

This may seem like a lot of shoes but all the shoes are bigger sizes so they will be able to last for quite some time. Also, I didn't pay more than $22 per pair and one of the pairs was actually $10 (hint: wasn't the Payless Totes).

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Desi said...

She DOES have the cutest shoe collection... I love those lil converses, and her lil stride rites of course!