Monday, March 21, 2011

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Thank You Cati Style

I finally got all the Thank You cards for Cati's birthday out the door. It took me a while because I had a plan that didn't quite pan out (that's what sometimes happens when you depend on others) so I ended up sending out plain cards instead. The cards really weren't plain, though, because they were ballerina-themed and personalized. I saw this invitation on The Giving Madam's Etsy shop and contacted Rebeca to see if she could turn the invite into a thank you card. She did and she changed things around to my specifications. I had the file within two days of ordering and after quite a bit of back-and-forth emailing. I spent $5 at Office Max getting 36 of these cards printed and cut. I love the way they came out and had so much fun helping Cati write them.

Thanks to Rebeca of The Giving Madam for being so helpful and affordable! I am one step closer to being done with all the birthday stuff. If I could only push myself to do the photo album/scrapbook I would be completely done!

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