Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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TWD: Pecan Powder Puffs

Pecan Powder Puffs
I really wanted to make this week's selection of Pecan Powder Puffs. Time has been a little hard to come by but I managed to squeeze these cookies in while Cati was distracted by her lunch. Because time was limited, I made a few changes to the technique. Instead of using room temperature butter, I used cold butter and instead of letting the dough refrigerate for at least two hours, I put it in the freezer while the oven heated up. These two little changes allowed me to have delicious pecan buttery cookies in 30 minutes from start to finish. I didn't roll them in the powdered sugar out of sheer laziness but that's ok because the cookies were plenty sweet on their own.
Pecan Powder Puffs
Thanks to Tianne of Buttercream Barbie for making this week's awesome selection. Visit her blog for the recipe and don't forget to head over to the TWD site to check out everyone else's opinions on these Pecan Powder Puffs cookies.


Eliana said...

30 minutes start to finish? Will definitely have to try your tips to make these speedy speedy.

Katrina said...

Way to make the cookies work for you!