Sunday, May 9, 2010

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Because I Never Want to Forget

My first Mother's Day has come and gone. I am left feeling humbled and blessed. I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who couldn't be more right for me. I am even more lucky to be sharing the huge task of raising a child with him. Today I was celebrated. I was showered with love and affection all because I am someone's mother. Who would have thought? It feels weird being celebrated when I am so new to this role as a mother. There are days when I feel like it's someone else with the beautiful daughter. I can't really believe that I have grown up enough to be at that stage in my life where I am a mother. Then there are days when I feel like the only thing that truly defines me is this role as a mother. The joy I find in caring for Catarina is immeasurable and indescribable. Sure, I have my moments of frustration, but when I look down at that sweet face I am reminded of all the love that swells within me. It's because of Catarina that I am a mother. She makes me want to be the best mother I can be and makes me want to love harder than I have ever loved. I couldn't be more thankful to Catarina for choosing me to be her mother and to Alex for choosing me to be his partner in this crazy adventure called life. I am whole because I have these two people in my life.

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Mary said...

Congratulations on your first mother's day! Great post...your daughter is adorable.