Thursday, May 6, 2010

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Reviewed: Fat Burger

My mom didn't like Alex when we first started dating. The truth is, she was in love with my ex boyfriend and thought there was no way I'd do better than him. So when she found out about Alex she told me I was giving up filet mignon for a hamburger. For some reason she thought I was downgrading. Alex eventually won her over but to this day we joke about her filet mignon vs. hamburger comment. Now I will say that if I was asked to choose between filet mignon and a hamburger I would choose the hamburger. This has always and will always be the case. I love a good burger and would rather have that than a filet mignon any day.
Case in point, Fat Burger. It's a new burger place on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables and I was dying to check it out. We recently went to it and I indulged just a little. I ordered a 5 oz burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, and a fried egg. The burger was delicious! It was a little on the dry side but the bacon and egg really made up for that because of the flavors they added to the burger.
We order a side of onion rings to go with the burgers. The side was just enough to share. The batter wasn't too think and it was enough to add a nice crunch to the sweet onions.
Fat Burger is located at 232 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. Prices are comparable to a place like Five Guys if you are getting a regular burger but they do get pricey once you start adding things (cheese is $.60 extra and bacon is $.99 extra). Still, they are a good alternative to Five Guys if you want a fried egg added to your burger.

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Monica said...

OMG Steph, this looks so darn delicious. Two of the things I love the most-fried eggs and a cheeseburger. YUM