Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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I Bring You Flowers

We have been living in our house for close to 9 months and we still haven't completely unpacked. Our garage is full of boxes of things we have no idea what to do with or where to put. Although we will probably never use them again, I can't part with my many big winter coats. So in a box in the garage they remain. One of the things that appears to still be in a box is my ice cream maker. I don't know how that could have possibly happened but I have no clue where the thing is. I was excited about making this week's TWD selection of Burnt Sugar Ice Cream until I realized that the key appliance was missing. Oops! Sorry to our host Becky of Project Domestication and to TWD for missing out on what I'm sure was a great selection. Hopefully these purple roses will grant me forgiveness.
Also, I'm going to get more organized with the blog and start posting more often. I hate that the blog has been somewhat forgotten. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the goals I have set up for the blog.

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