Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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TWD: Apple-Apple Bread Pudding

The baking gods decided to be kind to me. Somehow my bread pudding came out good after I royally messed up the recipe. I went into the recipe planning on making a third of it but I got distracted or my brain just stopped functioning and I ended up halving the liquids while I added a third of the eggs. Then I used regular butter and I didn't toast the bread to make it stale. Then I put the pudding in the oven right away instead of letting it sit for 30 minutes as the recipe calls for. It tasted great though and the bread pudding was gone the very same day. The bread pudding itself had a delicious vanilla taste to it and the apples added a nice tart punch to the dessert.
Thanks to Elizabeth of Cake or Death? for this week's selection. Make sure to head over to her blog to get the correct and full recipe. Also, don't forget to stop by TWD to see what the other bakers thought of this week's selection.


Jules Someone said...

That's what I love about bread pudding - it's so hard to screw up! I played around a lot with the recipe.

steph- whisk/spoon said...

looks like you can't go wrong with this recipe! your single serves are too cute!