Friday, May 28, 2010

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This Week in Mommyhood

The biggest news around here is that we got a new car! Let me just say that car shopping is not fun with your 3.5 month old. It's always such an ordeal and it takes forever! Cati was a trooper but she still had her moments of flipping out. Luckily enough, she only had to endure 2 days of car shopping and we came home with a brand new car that she seems to love. I think I know why she loves it too. The car is higher up and, as a result, her car seat sits higher up in the car and she's actually able to see out the windows. Either way, this week marks a huge improvement in her car riding capabilities. Before she would cry during every car ride. This week I was surprised when she remained calm on multiple car trips. I think someone might have switched out my child for another, but then again that's how things work with babies. They change so quickly week to week.Cati is enjoying tummy time more. She's never been a fan of being on her tummy but this week she's actually tolerating it more. And it's great because she is lifting her head so high up and she's able to move herself a couple of inches forward. At one point I had her on her tummy and I turned away to put something in her closet and when I turned back to her she was on her back. I couldn't believe how quickly she turned!
Last week I mentioned how Cati finally noticed Perla. Well, this week Perla has taken a very active interest in Cati. I think Perla is still wondering what this little human is doing here :)
I'm wondering if Cati is starting to teethe. I can't see anything in her gums but she drools a lot and she chews on everything that goes into her mouth. She doesn't suck on things, she chews. She also likes to chew on the bottle nipple, which drives me off the wall.
We visited Alex at work twice this week and it's always fun to show off the baby. The best part is having multiple people say Cati looks like me. It's amazing how much babies change. When she was first born everyone said she looked exactly like Alex. Now that she's getting older and fatter, more and more people are saying she looks like me. I like to joke that Cati should at least look like me since her dad is going to forever have her heart.
I'm still struggling with clogged ducts. I hate that I have to deal with them as often as I do. I've made the decision to start weaning myself from the pump. I still plan on having Cati on breast milk exclusively until she's a year old but I'm hoping that with weaning I will be able to make my supply more aligned with Cati's eating. Before the last bout of mastitis I was freezing 30 oz of milk a day and now I am storing a little more than 20 oz per day. I would like to donate some milk, anyone have any experience with this?
Being a mom is so rewarding but it's so hard. Not only is having a child with a developing personality and temperament hard but it's also hard to take the pressure off of yourself. You want so badly to do everything right that most things become an emotional issue. It's hard to be rational when so much of you is swelling with love.

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