Friday, May 14, 2010

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This Week in Mommyhood

Sleep deprivation has hit a whole new low this week. I'm hoping it's due to the 12-week growth spurt because, if not, I'm in for trouble. Cati has been kind enough to wake up almost every single hour at night this week. Not only is she waking up often overnight, but she has also decided that 6:45am is a better time to wake up for the day. I think I would be able to handle this change if the girl would nap during the day. But she doesn't like to nap, which means I can't nap. I don't know how else to entertain her when she wants to be held so I checked out 10 books from the library and have spent a good chunk of the day reading to her. I hope all this reading is why she is such an active conversationalist.In an attempt to avoid the horribleness that is associated with car rides I have done a lot of walking this week. I don't know what it is about putting Cati in her car seat in the car that she hates, but the girl spends almost every single car ride crying. I've found that singing loudly helps to soothe her so if you see me jamming in my car know that I am doing it for the sake of not hearing my child cry. I'm hoping this is something she grows out of because I dread having to drive anywhere with her.
In good news, Cati is starting to like both her swing and bouncer! I've mentioned this in other posts and that's because this is a huge development! I'll be able to get more things done around the house, both enjoyable and not. Cati won't feel like as much of an appendage as before. She's getting more and more independent each day.
This week I did another round of pack-the-clothes-that-doesn't-fit-anymore. It's so sad to put her clothes away. She'll never fit into them again. It's like putting her clothes away makes it official that that chapter of her life has ended. I told Alex I wish I knew how to make her clothes grow so that I could at least wear it and ensure that certain outfits get worn more than once.
Cati turns Three Months today so expect a post on that later. Let's just say I can't believe she's three months already. I know I say that every month but it's scary how quickly time passes.


Bumblebutton said...

She's very sweet. And you'll get sleep eventually. Just be careful of keeping her strapped into something all the time--that's how my pumpkin wound up with a flattened back head--she REALLY won't like wearing a helmet all the time to reshape it!!

Stephanie said...

I know...I'm paranoid of that happening.