Monday, May 24, 2010

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Obsession of the Week

Our last vacation was exactly a year ago and our next vacation probably won't be for another 7-8 months, but I still can't stop dreaming about the location of our next vacation. I plan on doing mini family vacations when Alex has time off but I am really looking forward to our first baby-free vacation. I can't wait for the opportunity to rediscover one another and to have time to really focus on each other. Date nights are fun because we get to spend alone time together but we don't really get to disconnect from our parenting roles (we spent our last date night looking at pictures of Cati on our phones). I know that we will never be able to completely disconnect from our roles as Cati's parents, but it will be nice to have time set apart that's meant to help us remember why we enjoy being a couple. I'm in between going somewhere domestic, like California, or going on a cruise. I would love to do either this cruise of the Panama Canal

or this one of the Mediterranean.
Both these cruises are wishful thinking because of their length but it would be sooo nice to go on one of them. What are your recommendations for great vacation locations?

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