Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Cati's 3 Month Pictures

I am so in love with Cati's 3-months professional pictures. I have to give Yania, the photographer, credit because the shoot wasn't an easy one and she managed to get some great shots. I know she's used to photographing babies and she'll probably say that Cati's behavior during the shoot was completely normal, but I considered her behavior abnormal. Cati cried almost the entire shoot and Alex had to pick her up and walk her around the house and outside to get her to calm down. We even did the family shots outside because Cati was not feeling being in her room anymore. What surprises me the most is that on a few occasions I have spent 1-2 hours dressing her up and taking pictures of her and she is so happy and content. She doesn't cry for a minute. She had a full belly and had napped right before the shoot so I don't get why she cried so much. Maybe she was just unleashing that little diva attitude of hers? Anyway, here is our family shot:
To see the rest of the preview pictures make sure to go to Yania's Breathtaking Memories blog and check out THIS post. Let me know what you think :)

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Katrina said...

Ahh, the pictures are great! Love the big flower on her head.
You would never know she'd been crying and was fussy the whole time!