Saturday, June 12, 2010

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Things to Do: Matheson Hammock Park Beach

I love the beach at Matheson Hammock because it's perfect for the little ones. The water is enclosed sea water so it's extremely calm and shallow. You pay a $5 per car entrance fee but that's reasonable considering you'd have to pay a toll and parking meters or garages if you wanted to head to Miami Beach. The beach is monitored by 3 lifeguards so it's safe as well. You can bring your own food and camp yourself at the beach the whole day. I love how you can see downtown Miami from the beach and, in general, the beach is a beautiful spot for picture taking. The beach is located at 9610 Old Cutler Road.

From Matheson Hammock Park is a lovely scenic park with an unusual feature--a man-made atoll pool, which is flushed naturally with the tidal action of nearby Biscayne Bay. Its tranquil breeze-swept beach is a haven for families who enjoy its warm, safe waters and beautiful waterside views. The park also has a full-service marina, snack bar and restaurant built into an historic coral rock building, picnic pavilions and nature trails. Matheson also contains a sailing and power boat school.

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Cara said...

What a gorgeous beach! I really wish we lived a little closer to the beach. I don't think I'd ever get tired of the sand, ocean, and cool breezes!