Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Happy Birthday Perla!

My little poodle pup turns 15 today! I can't believe she's 15 years old. When the heck did that happen? I've had Perla for more than half my life and she's been my dog since the very beginning. I was always the one responsible for cleaning up after her, taking her for walks, and bathing her. When I moved out of my mom's house she came with me. When I moved to Boston she came with me. I refused to live anywhere that didn't accept pets. I'm lucky that Alex fell in love with her and was ok with sacrificing some nicer apartments in Boston all for the sake of finding one that allows pets. Perla survived the cold weather and was more than happy to return to Miami to a house with a backyard all for her to enjoy. Because she's been with me through so much I can barely imagine what life would be like without her or the sound of her bark when we get home or the sound of her nails against the wood floor. She's been through a lot herself, uterine infection, breast cancer, tumor growths, and cataracts. Now she's as healthy as can be and still full of a lot of spunk. Happy Birthday Perla! We love you very much :)

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